We believe in working as a team at Velocity Medical Clinic, a sports injury clinic Calgary to offer optimal service while you recover from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

Injured in an accident?

Oftentimes people are unsure what to do after an accident. They may not even realize they have sustained an injury until much later. It can evolve into much more severe chronic pain over the course of a few days or months.

It is proven fact that early treatment leads to faster recovery. Let Velocity be your first call after a car accident.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Because these accidents can be so devastating, it is critically important to seek the appropriate medical and rehabilitative treatment immediately following an MVA. Delaying treatment can allow sustained injuries to get worse, making the rehabilitative process even more difficult in the future.
Our doctor will develop a treatment plan and oversee your recovery. Our team will arrange direct billing to insurance on your behalf so you can focus on healing. Our goal is to advocate for you and avoid out of pocket expenses.

Common treatments to receive after an accident can include:

  • physiotherapy
  • Accident chiropractor treatment in Calgary
  • massage therapy
  • therapeutic taping
  • bracing
  • acupuncture
  • trigger point injection and shockwave therapy
  • IMS
  • Prescription medication
  • Sports injury clinic Calgary